Brad Pitt Best Movies

You can see here the names of some best ever movies, in which Brad Pitt played best role..

> Fight Club
This movie is so addictive, it keeps getting better n better every time you watch. One of the most interesting thrillers of all time. Brad Pitt should been nominated for an Oscar along with Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter & Meat Loaf, all playing good parts in this legendary piece of work. Definitely David fincher’s best work.

> Se7en
It is far and away the best movie brad pitt’s ever been in; but he himslef in the movie was less than impressive. He was used more as a hotheaded clueless pawn for Kevin Spacey’s character.

> 12 Monkeys
This movie is awesome. It’s such a trip, a wild ride. Brad Pitt’s awesome in it. He plays such a good crazy person.

> Legends Of The Fall
The movie is a showcase for acting, and in addition to Ormond and Hopkins, it also shows how strong Aidan Quinn and Brad Pitt are, in roles that have inescapable parallels to the Rock Hudson and James Dean characters in “Giant.” There is even a time when Pitt goes away “forever,” just as Dean’s character threatened to do, although in an act of sensational one-upmanship this movie sends Pitt all the way to New Guinea for some practical anthropology.

> Burn After Reading
George Clooney and Brad Pitt star in this outrageous spy comedy .. In the movie, Brad Pitt role as Chad Feldheimer .  Brad Pitt is priceless and the innocence of his character is so believable that I wondered how many more surprises this actor has up his sleeve.

> A Mighty Heart
“A Mighty Heart” is a good and realistic looking production with its on location shooting and art direction that captures the cramped facilities of a third world CNN outlet.  The film is shot and edited by “In This World’s” Marcel Zyskind and Peter Christelis for a similar a you-are-there effect. This is a film at odds with itself, a docudrama whose docu cannot withstand the shine of its star.

> The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is a 2011 American experimental epic drama film written and directed by Terrence Malick and starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain.


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