Chelsea Ingram – Leading Actress in the upcoming independent feature film “Tommy battles the silver sea dragon”

We had the opportunity to interview actress Chelsea Ingram to talk about her leading role in the upcoming independent feature film “Tommy battles the silver sea dragon” and her future plans.


Q :Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Queensland Australia on a small paw paw farm in the Glasshouse Mountains. So at heart I am a bit of country girl, some of my first memories are bush walks with my Dad and finding cane toads in our damn. When I was just19 I flew to NYC and found The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, I was only meant to attend the school for a mere three months… but I stayed for four years hounding my career as an independent actress.


Q : We have been hearing a lot about work of late, how does it feel to be recognized?


To be honest it doesn’t feel any different. I come from a very down to earth family and my siblings don’t let me get away with anything. I am a true believer in the method and craft of acting. I believe you must always keep your head down and focus on the work before you let anything else get in the way.


Q :You recently played a leading role in the upcoming independent feature “Tommy battles the silver sea dragon” can you please tell our readers more about it ?


I am super excited about this film! It is an independent musical feature directed by Luke Shirock and I play along side Celine Held. Celine is such a talented, hardworking actress and it is always a pleasure to work alongside her. Unfortunately at the moment I can’t release to many more details of the film but we shot majority of my locations in Detroit and it was so bloody awesome being able to explore the local city with the crew! Keep your eyes out on social media for release dates.


Q :  Did you choose this industry, as a career, or as a hobby ?

When I was a child it was a hobby until I began performing on a national level. Lucky for me my acting career is so emotionally fulfilling it at times feels like the best hobby out there.


Q : You wrote and produced a short film Lilith’s Night’s, please tell us more about it ?

Lilith’s Nights is a film based on the beginnings of adult hood, young love, family and betrayal. We shot majority of the scenes in the Lower East side of NYC and it was an absolute blast! I play a lead role in the film and many of the scenes were quite daunting. A funny story through shooting – I am actually quite afraid of heights and the final scene of the film my feet are dangling from the edge of a building. I was roped up on a ten story building bawling my eyes out just to get that shot – I have never been so scared in my life! The DP who was holding me tight had bruises on his arms for a week!


Q : What are you working on now and where do you feel your acting is heading ?

Currently I am working on a short film called Labyrinth for the Australian Film Festival Trop Fest..but I have to be pretty hush hush abut the project.  Next year I am flying over to NYC to perform in multiple films with both ELO films and Tweed Dreams production I am so pumped! I can’t wait to get back into the film world NYC has to offer. I am also an ensemble member of NYC Theatre company Primitive Grace directed by Paul Calderon and I will be performing as a lead in the Australian play Keep Calling in the Access Theatre down town Manhattan!


Q :  If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

Anywhere in the world? Hmm. You think I would say on a huge theater in front of thousands of people right?  But to be honest… I would love to grab a guitar and sing some original songs. I have never been classified a singer but I have recently just had the courage to start performing with’s a new creative path that I am nervous and excited about.


Q : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

I read books! I write! And I love a glass or two of Shiraz with Gorgonzola cheese surrounded by my closest friends.


Q : As a actor & writer, any tip would you give to other actors & writers ?

Stay humble and true. Be brave, daring and ruthless. Keep your mum on speed dial and breathe. Breathing is key!

Q : How can people find you and follow you online ?

I tend to stay quite private with Facebook and Twitter but you can find me on instagram @chelsea.m.ingram


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