Three Questions to Céline Schmink, French Singer/Songwriter

French Singer/Songwriter Céline Schmink is not only an artist, she is the singer of several bands as The Oengus Projekt and The Céline Schmink Group. With her LP, Paris-Memphis, she’s definitely a singer to retain. In France she sings on many TV shows as the JJDA a famous hosted crazy show. A german radio compared her to a french PJ Harvey and a belgian one to Nico, the Velvet Underground’singer. But before all she stays herself, very « indie » and different, with a real personality.

You’ve been writing songs since the age of eleven. Where did this hobby come from ?

I think it was not really a hobby. I have some songs in my head since my young age. I just try to edit and produce them, I just want to make them live and fly freely. I’m not the chief ! There is a kind of chemistry, a sort of alchemy in it. I receive the music and the lyrics as spiritual gifts and then I am obsessed by the idea to make them more beautiful and more effective, more efficient.

Was your family supportive of all your artistry ?

Yes, I think. But when you deeply feel like an artist and connected to different arts it’s always a challenge to make people understand how important creating is to you. My parents are my best fans I think ! When they can they come at my showcases and concerts of course  My husband sings with me in The Oengus Projekt band. He’s my best follower !

What are your new songs about ?

My new electro song « Dead Stars’location » is about Hollywood actresses and about weird lechery. I like this sound, very dark and loud. My other song called Tupelo is about Elvis’native town, Mississippi based. And « Rootsy Bluesy Camden » is an improvisation song with a very talented english rootsy guitarist.

Thank you Céline ! Good luck with your projects !

Her website
Her Facebook Page
Her music on Itunes

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