IgnoVa released a fun upbeat ultimate celebration track “Right Now”


An international hip hop artist, IgnoVa is known for his trademark K E E P positiveSpirit campaign, as IgnoVa is a cool, calm and collected artist trying to get everyone to remain positive in their endeavors. As a rising musician, IgnoVa lives and breathes hard work in the studio and on stage.


Recently IgnoVa released a fun upbeat ultimate celebration track “Right Now” . This authentic approach creates a sound that is so difficult to attain, but IgnoVa manages it with style and made it a pure positive turnup music. “its a glimpse at a piece of Iggy’s life. ” says IgnoVa. As “Right Now” is a stunning vocal performance by IgnoVa, which conveys acute presentation of lyrics. When I listened this song, I was deeply lost in this song as because of its beautiful lyrics and the vocal style of presentation of this song also awesome.. “Right Now” also serves as a single from his upcoming mix-tape “The New E.M.U 2”.


IgnoVa combines mainstream styles with a fundamental presentation of lyrics.  As he has performed several shows in the Tri-State area, Massachusetts, and Delaware. Energetic and passionate, IgnoVa thrills audiences to an undeniable state of enjoyment. As a big fan of IgnoVa, we certainly recommend that you must check it out his latest track with acute presentation of lyrics :


“Right Now” by IgnoVa  











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