A Great Conversation with Nikita Aliess


Q : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.

Wazup World! It’s your girl Nikita Aliess. I am a versatile artist who sings and writes all genres of music. I was born in Conway South Carolina but grew up military traveling the world. My father was station to Augusta Georgia in which I spent my middle and high school years. After high school I moved to Atlanta and began working on my songwriting even the more along with going to college. I am most influence by the south music as you can imagine, but love all sounds worldwide. I moved to New York to further my singing, modeling and acting career. The melting pot of this city inspires me to be as creative as I can be.


Q : Many artists/musicians feel as though their childhood played a role in their love for their music. Do you feel as though that is the case for you ?

I’ve been singing since the age of five and started writing music at the age of nine and ten. My oldest sister Alicia has a beautiful voice. I would watch her in amazement and wanted to sing just like her, she would practice with me and I had my first performance at five in church. My father who is also a singer and praise and worship leader influence the way I perform.


Q : What kind of response you have received from your latest release EP ?

Well the EP is dropping soon, but the single Model Status from the EP is getting a great response. The sound is different and doesn’t sound like anything else you are hearing now on the radio. I’m excited for all my supporters to hear the EP it’s going to be awesome!


Q : Apart from music what are your other activities ?

Well, I like to dance, paint, model, and act; but out of everything I will have to say I am a writer.

Whether that’s a song, poem, story, or just simply my thoughts, it’s therapeutic to me and keeps me aware of everything going on around me.


Q : What are your next goals to achieve as a model ?

I want to grace the covers of editorial and fashion magazines. I will like to see my face on the billboards in time square and be in cosmetic commercials.


Q : Every artist has a story behind the artwork. Take us through some low moments in your life that you have been able to overcome in your career. ?

Anything worth having takes dedication, hard work, and some tears. I’ve been rejected from opportunities, told I wasn’t the right look, stood long hours in line to be turned around, betrayed , lied to and etc. but through all the adversity my faith in God and myself along with my drive helps me to keep the dream alive and never stop.


Q : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?

I love them both! There’s an energy you get from performing you don’t get recording in the studio, but there’s also calmness about the studio you don’t get performing. So I enjoy them both the sameJ


Q : Have you set some goals to achieve as an actress?

I would love to play a bio pic of a legend. Someone who inspires and help changed lives in some capacity. This is something I always dreamed about when I was younger.


Q : Are you active on social media? What’s the best way to follow you?

You can follow me on all social media platforms @nikitaaliessmusic or @nikitaaliess


Love Always
Nikita Aliess


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